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April 6, 2023


After 19 years of business, we are so excited announce that JDR has merged with a new group, imkore. Imkore is made up of entrepreneurs recognized for their numerous successful technology and managed services ventures within the commercial real estate industry.  Last week imkore made the announcement of their launch. Imkore was formed earlier this year after the acquisition of JDR Consulting, Millenia Group and Infinity Tribe. 

Imkore has hit the ground running by acquiring cutting-edge technology platforms for document and records compliance and CRE business process management.  These platforms are already serving over 7,000 users for 65 top commercial real estate firms worldwide and will serve as the foundation for imkore’s continuing innovations. Imkore’s launch marks a new era in the commercial real estate industry, with a focus on innovation and transformation. With its proven leadership, world-class operations, and cutting-edge technology, imkore is poised to become the leading global services company in the commercial real estate industry. 

JDR Consulting will soon be changing our name to imkore Solutions, LLC. However, this does not change anything for our clients or future clients. In fact, this will only benefit them with the addition of more industry experts and services provided.  

Keep an eye out for more details to be released. This isn’t a start-up but a NEXT up. Imkore is going to be a POWERHOUSE. Expect great things!