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November 12, 2018

Myth: On-site support is the best support.

Most professional service providers deliver a majority of their service remotely. What this means for you is faster resolution of problems since representatives no longer need to travel to your location. And by taking advantage of remote support, you get the best person for the job, no matter where they are located.

Check out these 5 Reasons to Switch to Off-site Managed IT Support Services:


#1: Increased Productivity

Are you or your employees continually being distracted with technology issues and down time instead of focusing on your primary roles? This can substantially reduce the rate of your business’ productivity. With remote Managed IT Support Services, you can speed up IT solutions and resolution, reducing downtime and allowing your staff to be more productive.

#2: Increased Response Time

Remote technical support can significantly cut down on response time compared to waiting for availability of in-house technical support. Managed IT Services providers have support agents ready to work on your case when you need them.

#3: Minimized Cost

Maintaining in-house staff with the experience to support each of your critical business systems can be expensive. Managed IT Services providers have the expertise and resources to tackle all of your support needs at a consistent, manageable cost structure.

#4: Access to Expertise

As a leader of your business, managing your IT requirements should not translate into a full-time job, drawing you from focusing on the overall business picture. With on-site support, you are heavily dependent on emergency support in order to guarantee expertise, which can be costly. But with outsourcing, this isn’t the case. You can get in contact with your remote Managed Services IT Support technician(s) as often as you need. Your remote IT support teams will always be on hand to monitor your servers.

#5: Focus on Business

As the owner or leadership for your business, your goal is to grow your company. But if you are continually worrying about your technology, how to sustain it and how to make it work for you rather than acting, you are in turn sacrificing your company’s growth. By getting remote Managed IT Support Services for your business, you alleviate concerns and are put at ease knowing that any problem that arises will be taken care of.

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