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January 24, 2019

Still Struggling with QuickBooks Workarounds?

Does your team spend significant time outside of QuickBooks, using paper or Excel spreadsheets?

How often do you find errors in data transfers or Excel formulas?

How is growth going to increase the demands on your system—and your manual workarounds?

If your team is spending hours on spreadsheets, then QuickBooks isn’t doing you any favors. You could save hundreds or thousands of hours every year by automating close and reporting, revenue recognition and project accounting. JDR has a solution that can help you automate all this and more, for one location or multiple. Many customers like you see the benefits of improved cash flow and operational efficiency just by eliminating manual processes and automating billing and renewals. Use your staff’s time to work on strategic initiatives rather than data re-entry or correcting spreadsheet errors.

How long does it take you to close the monthly books? End of year books?

There is one software that was uniquely designed to give you endless reporting flexibility. Unlike QuickBooks, this software enables you to track both financial and operational data in real time. You can easily drill from top-level results down to the performance for a specific entity or location, then down to individual transactions.

With a software like this, you can dramatically improve reporting time and functionality by quickly creating the customized reports that you need, drilling down from top-level results to the individual transactions, managing multiple entities within a single system, and viewing role-based dashboards that serve up the right information, at the right time, to the right stakeholders. You can easily pull reports such as revenue or profit by product, by customer, by project, by location, by fund, or by any other critical business dimension that matters to you. No longer do you have to work for hours to get the reports that your management team needs.

If you have multiple locations (either within the U.S. or internationally) you will see a great benefit to your reporting compared to QuickBooks. With this software, you can manage multiple entities with ease. Multi-entity and financial consolidation capabilities improve your productivity, accuracy and compliance by managing detailed local financial information for all of your business entities. In addition it supports simple and automatic rollups for businesses like franchises and restaurant chains all the way through advanced global financial consolidation for holding companies and multi-national corporations.

Isn’t it time to replace QuickBooks?

Eventually, virtually every growing business runs into the frustrating limitations of QuickBooks: time-consuming consolidations, slow and unreliable reporting, and complex charts of accounts – to say nothing of slow, error-prone manual processes and security issues. The fact is, QuickBooks simply isn’t designed to provide the robust financial-management and accounting functions your business needs.

Fortunately, JDR can introduce you to a cloud-based accounting solution that offers a better way. Take advantage of sophisticated – but still easy – financial software with the features you need: fast consolidations, multi-entity support, shared charts of accounts, real-time reporting, smart revenue recognition, and more.

Interested in learning more? Let JDR introduce you to an accounting software that does it all! Fill out the form below to request a discovery call with JDR.