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The Company

Our Process


Our transformation begins with a time-tested, proprietary approach encompassing Leadership, Discovery, Design, Implementation, Training and Support. We tailor our methodology to meet your organization's unique needs in order to take you exactly where you need to be; better, faster and more efficient than you ever imagined.
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Dedicated Leadership

Great transformations start with great leadership. JDR Consulting’s reputation of being a firm committed to achieving results, delivering value and exceeding client expectations is well-known both among our business partners and within the industry. At JDR, we identify the skills and expertise needed to get the job done, then carefully select the most qualified professional to stand by your side, leading you through our time-tested process—discovery, design, implementation and support—and ensuring that you get the right deliverables and results you deserve within the desired timeline.

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In Depth Discovery

Starting with the right process determines where you end up. JDR begins every engagement with a unique business assessment that pinpoints every issue and uncovers every opportunity. We then take the time to gather the answers to every question, so we may identify the right process to follow from the start.

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Comprehensive Design

Should I work with an out-of-the-box product or develop my own? What will my network and hosting facilities look like? What will they cost? Does my PMO leadership need revamping or just some retooling? Whatever your concern may be, JDR will work closely with you and your team to design and deliver a detailed process blueprint for addressing the issues identified in the business assessment, so you can expect delivery on time, in scope, within budget and in accordance with your unique corporate culture.

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Proficient Implementation

Helping you to achieve process efficiency and technology effectiveness is JDR’s priority. Our team consists of highly skilled IT developers, programmers and project managers who are experts at the implementation of Yardi, MRI, RealPage, Timberline, JD Edwards, LRO, Great Plains and other technologies, and will do whatever it takes to help improve your business process and deliver the most value for your organization. Our broad capabilities extend across all aspects of technology, from implementation to customization and training to helpdesk services, providing you with a single, robust solution that is scalable and strategically aligned with your business goals.

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Thorough Training

One of the many ways JDR measures success is through your team's ability to independently leverage the process or tool after implementation is complete. Our team of trainers will custom design end user materials that combine processes, standard operating procedures and technology workflows, to give your team an intimate understanding of what has been implemented and the knowledge to use it. Need training support beyond initial implementation? A refresher course? JDR trainers can either work with your internal training team to develop an effective and repeatable training process for newly hired staff, or if you don't have an internal training team, we can work with you to support your unique needs. In addition, JDR offers a variety of monthly Webinars and User Groups for additional training opportunities. View our Calendar page.

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Continued Support

JDR believes that no problem is ever too big or too small. From virtual staff augmentation models to our rapid response team of experts, we offer flexible Help Desk solutions to address all of your technology support needs. Our robust online ticketing system ensures all issues are recorded accurately and responded to within agreed upon service levels. At JDR, we take pride in delivering expert support to ensure your issues are resolved thoroughly and in a timely manner. Users have access to JDR technicians via phone, email and our state-of-the-art technology platform which supports real-time tracking, reporting and communication from highly skilled technicians who have a deep understanding of your technology and business needs. In addition, status reports are reviewed on a monthly basis to identify trends and areas where additional training may be necessary.