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Real estate

JDR Consulting has been providing services to the real estate industry for more than a decade.  We have partnered with nearly one-third of the top 50 Property Management companies, and our clients include Top 10 Real Estate Investment Advisors and Top 20 REITs.  We are a designated Tier 1 independent Yardi consulting team and have managed hundreds of implementations, conversion and upgrades.  We have the entrenched, proven real estate industry experience and expertise that investors, owners and managers count on to solve their most critical business challenges

JDR supports software selection, customization, integration and installation for all types of real estate and housing communities, both residential and commercial.  On the residential side, that includes: multifamily housing; affordable housing; senior living; student living; military housing; and, condo , coop and HOA.  Commercially, JDR supports:  retail; office/industrial; self-storage; airports; parks and recreation; government; and construction, development and investment properties.

To help our clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their businesses, JDR leverages emerging technologies and analytics to produce transformative insights in such areas as valuation, due diligence, and portfolio optimization.  We are experts in the development and support of all property management and investment applications, including Real Page, MRI and LRO.   We have unmatched experience working with the full spectrum of Yardi products, including Voyager, Voyager 7s International, Genesis and Genesis2.

JDR consultants can quickly identify expedient, out of the box solutions, customize them to meet your precise needs, and get them up-and-running simply and seamlessly. Our technology implementations are fully supported by onsite or webinar training, and help desk staffing.

JDR’s investment in the real estate community means that we are always aware of the critical, complex challenges being faced every day, and we excel at helping companies turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Financial Services

Digital commerce.  Mobile payments.  Anytime, anywhere banking.  Today’s financial services providers are confronting change at a record pace.  To stay on top of new technologies and rapidly evolving customer expectations, financial institutions must be flexible, efficient and responsive.  JDR Consulting is uniquely equipped to assist in that process.

Technology today is revolutionizing banking and payments.  By investing in technology innovation, financial services providers will diversify their product offerings, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and attract and sustain a growing customer base.

JDR excels at identifying, enhancing and upgrading technologies to meet the demands of increasingly demanding consumers, without placing unnecessary demands on existing staff time or budget.

As technologies change, so must infrastructures, and JDR  Consulting can help financial institutions develop new strategies, capabilities and operating models that maximize employee productivity, cut costs and drive revenue.

Our expertise can help you stay ahead of changing regulatory requirements, and stay in compliance with risk management regulations.  We can help you develop new payment models that simplify the processes of paying and getting paid, and give your customers anytime, anywhere access to their transaction data.  We can identify, install and manage new product implementations, ranging from digital banking kiosks to global lending platforms.

JDR’s expert financial and project management teams will help you transform your technologies, programs and infrastructures in order to operate efficiently, appeal to today’s consumer, and compete with confidence.


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